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Top 3 Outdoor Activities in Seattle


Mar 16, 2021

Whether you are looking to get away for a weekend with a few friends or are planning a long solo trip in the Pacific Northwest, check out these top 3 outdoor recreational activities Seattle WA for some inspiration.

Mountain Biking

Seattle is well-known throughout the west as one of the best places to bring your mountain bike if you plan on shredding any local trails. A popular new area, Olallie State Park, features a 9-mile trail with jumps and fast straightaways, right near Interstate 90.

If you tire of the trails in Seattle, nearby is a plethora of more trails in Vancouver, Bellingham, and Whistler, all of which have world-class riding to their name.


If you happen to be up near Seattle in the wintertime, don’t miss out. With plenty of resorts and backcountry access towns to choose from, you could stay for years and barely scratch the surface off there is to offer.

The nearby Mount Baker has a few ski resorts on it, as well as plenty of open space, trailheads, and sights to see along the way. Whether you stay west or east of the Cascade Mountains, you’ll have plenty of options either way!


Since Seattle is perched right on Puget sound, it makes it a perfect destination for both sea kayaking and paddling around in the bays. Elliot Bay and Southworth are great for open-water paddling, the former offering views of the skyline and downtown docking access.

Just remember to keep an eye out for other water users and ships since it is constantly a very busy area.

Whew! That’s a lot of things to bring with you on your Seattle trip. If you are flying in, don’t miss out on the plenty of rental options available if you can’t make space in your bag for all that extra gear.