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Tips to Renew the Indian Passport


Mar 11, 2021

Tips to Renew the Indian Passport

Renewing your passport is a cumbersome affair with loads of hassles, delays, and requirements. This affair can be simplified and lightened with just a few tips to getting your passport renewed.

Here are some essential tips to renew the Indian passport:

• The very first thing to keep in mind is check out all the details of the old passport. While getting it renewed you can also change the details like address, marital status, name, and other essentials if different from what mentioned in the existing passport.

• Gather all the documents including the passport to be renewed, address proof if address change is there, marriage certificate if there is a name change from maiden to married, and degree certificate if the existing passport was issued when you were minor.

• You also need to have three colored passport size photographs with a clear frontal view.

• After collecting all the requirements you have to fill the application form. You can either download the form from the web or collect from the passport office. These days the application forms are also available at various post offices and government offices.

• Fill the application form with all the required details and sign in the boxes provided.

• Make sure that you fill the application form properly and completely. If any column is left blank or if there is any kind of error then your form can be rejected.

• Thereafter you can either post the application with the supported documents or go and submit personally in the passport office.

• If you go there personally you may have to stand for long in the queue and so keep yourself prepared in all ways.

• If you post or courier the form, then make sure that you enclose a return mail fee or a self-addressed stamped envelope. You also have to enclose a cheque of the said amount depending on the type of passport you are applying for. Different passport services have different prices so confirm it with the passport office before posting preparing the cheque.

• If you are sending the application through mail then you can make the payment through net banking or a credit card.

• After sending across the form and documents your jobs gets over.

• The processing time are indicative and can vary. The only option you are left with is to wait for your renewed passport to come.