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Car Travel Tips With Babies


Mar 16, 2021

Car Travel Tips With Babies

Taking the inaugural long car travel with the new baby is the most daunting task for first-time parents. Nevertheless, you can get started on a correct footing with your first car ride using the below mentioned guidelines:

Feeding the baby

This one is pretty easy, especially if you have a feeding formula. Ensure there is a method by which you warm up the bottles in your car and thereafter you are set. Remember to pack enough water, bottles and formula.

Breastfeeding is an even better and simple option. There is no need to pack anything extra. The moment the baby goes hungry, you can plan to make roadside stops. You can even nurse the baby while she or he still is in the car seat.

Usually, this would involve some form of leaning over the seat, draping or dangling. Nevertheless, babies don’t appear to mind. This would also act as a matter of comfort in case the baby gets extremely fussy in the car set. It can also induce the baby to sleep.

Napping Time

It is always better to begin the trip around the time when the baby takes its longest nap, most probably even bedtime. Also, many babies find the car’s motion to be soothing, and, while traveling on cars, take longer naps.

Give a friend to your baby

Let one parent rest with the baby in the backseat, while the other one drives. Most babies fuss in the car seat as they get bored and feel lonely.

Having someone to play with, talk to and look at can turn a frowning baby to a happy and content one.

Trips with babies take longer time as you end up making frequent stops. Better plan upfront so that once you get on the road, you don’t get stressed out. Don’t forget – you have to be calm so that the baby stays calm.