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Things to Do For Our Children


Dec 20, 2020

Things to Do For Our Children

Before the birth of our children, as loving parents, we often find ourselves making plans in preparation for their arrival. Whether it is what color to paint their room in, to which collage we would like them to attend.

Granted, some of the plans cannot be put into action until the arrival of the child. Therefore, with this in mind, we as parents can bear in mind several things that we can do for them instead of waiting until they are adults to do them for themselves.

Dual Citizenship

If you were born in a country that is different from the country that your child was born in, please do some research to see if your child is entitled to dual citizenship. I find that many times a child is entitled to this, but for one reason or another, parents will not seek to obtain this for their child.


Instead of adding your child’s name to your passport, apply for one for them instead. Especially in light of the fact that many countries requires a passport to enter it.

This would also allow your child to be able to travel without you, for example, to spend the summer vacation with extended family, if you are not able to go with him/her.

Bank Account

Open a bank account in your child’s name, for your child, so that you will be able to save some money for their future. Additional, if you are receiving a monthly cheque from the government for your child and, or from somewhere else, it can be deposited directly into that account.

Native Language

If you are an immigrant of another country and the country that you are living in does not widely speaks your native language, teach them how to speak your native language. If you are not comfortable teaching them yourself, send them to a school or classes that teaches your native language. You will be surprise to find how many grown children regrets the fact that their parents did not allowed them to learn their first language.