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Spiritual Travel Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bali Spiritual Vacation


Dec 17, 2020

Spiritual Travel Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bali Spiritual Vacation

Taking a spiritual vacation can be incredibly enlightening in an emotional and spiritual way. These trips can be just the adventure you need to put things in perspective and get in touch with the inner spirituality that’s inside all of us. Spirituality is not a subject to be taken lightly. Many people overlook the real power that it has. The enlightenment and empowerment of it all is just simply amazing and should be looked at in a very special way. Now there can be a lot of different trips you can take and it may seem a bit difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for in a spiritual tour. This article will cover spiritual travel tips to Bali – one of the most popular spiritual vacation choices in the world.

Grab a vitamin lunch at Wayan’s tiny restaurant. A small homey feel to it all and of course a body enriching vitamin lunch. Many times vitamin lunches are more than just a healthy choice, it’s a decision to cleanse one’s body and mind. A lot of health critics and fanatics swear by the vitamin meals to totally jump your body into more natural and spiritual ways. Relax with a Balinese massage or reflexology, which is and art form based upon natural healing. This is done with pressure points believed to be in the feet, hands and ears that all have related points throughout the body.

Stay in an incredible, eco-friendly hotel in Ubud, nestled in the rice paddies at the edge of the rain forest. Nothing says spirituality like gorgeous settings in a very environmentally safe hotel. Enjoy Balinese Hindu temples as the Balinese do. Here you can learn how the locals pray and pray along with them in beautiful Bali. Meditate or practice yoga each morning, or sleep in! Although the yoga and meditation seem to be more spiritual than sleeping in like you could do at home or any other ordinary hotel. Don’t cheapen your spiritual vacation by treating it as any other trip. Make sure to experience and take in what it has to offer.

Bali is an incredible island of Indonesia. It is referred to as “the island of 10,000 temples” due to the fact that there are so many temples and shrines. In Bali, spirituality runs everything that is life on this island. Every single day the island sees major religious festivals somewhere throughout and, literally thousands of tiny thankful offerings. Just the name Bali seems to bring up thoughts of exotic beauty and endless spirituality. Well the island of ten thousand temples is all that and more. Eat, pray, and love all that is Bali!

Taking a spiritual vacation can be enlightening in oh so many ways. From vitamin meals that cleanse and enrich the body to spiritual tours through the many temples and shrines Bali has to offer. Living and listening to all the locals about the divine and even praying with them at some of the temples and shrines. You can be completely spiritual or you can be on the skeptical side or non-believer, a spiritual journey can be the end all be all of enlightenment. Don’t miss out and make sure to take advantage of all there is out there. You may just find yourself as a new spiritual being.