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Preparing For Your First Day Of Work


Dec 23, 2020

Starting a new job can be a positive change in your life but can also still make you nervous. Doing as much as you can to prepare for the day can reduce your anxiety and give your new employer a good first impression of you. Here are a few steps to get yourself ready.

Dress For Success

Check with your new company to see if they have a dress code that you need to follow. Review the items in your closet to ensure you have the proper clothing. If you are lacking in a few articles, make a trip to the store to get them. Take your dry cleaning San Diego CA in to be completed in plenty of time so that it can be picked up by your first day. In the event that you accepted a position that requires protective clothing or footwear, contact your employer to find out if they provide that gear or if you must bring it yourself. Also, ask them if they can recommend a shop that they work with and if the business offers a discount.

Know Your New Employer

Before your first day, look up your new company’s website and read as much as you can about them. Call the Human Resources department and question which identification you need to bring in for your employment paperwork. Offer to come in a day or two before so that you can fill it out and save time on the day you arrive for your assignments. Drive to and from the facility a few times to prepare for your commute. Consider what brief statement you will tell your new coworkers about yourself and your background. This will let them get to know you quickly and allow them to build a rapport with you. Write down any questions that you may have for your new supervisor and those seated around you.