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RV Travel Fun In Arizona


Jun 2, 2022

RV Travel Fun In Arizona

Arizona is the Grand Canyon State with a tourism industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year as adventure seeking tourists flock to this awesome part of America. Arizona is a vacation hot spot for the traditional American pastime of camping, where boys become men and whole families entwine with mother nature allowing long since forgotten survival instincts to re-emerge. An RV vacation is the most perfect way of touring this vast state without the need of expensive hotels or sharing toilet and kitchen facilities in hostels.

An RV is literally a home from home, giving all the comforts of a home life but on wheels. An RV vacation will allow the family to experience so much more than virtually any other type vacation, as it is not tied to one area. RVs’ can go almost anywhere and at any time, letting the driving continue whilst the children use the on-board toilet, which saves stopping every thirty minutes to use service station toilets. With RV vacations, the family could listen to the coyotes howling in the evening whilst parked above the fantastic Grand Canyon, listening to distant echoes of their own voices. The next day may be a day at Page Springs vineyards where parents can sample some of the best wines Arizona has to offer, several times if necessary.

The children will love the spaciousness the RV has to offer, with an on-board entertainment system to enthrall them whilst dad drives. The adventure inside the RV is about as amazing as adventures outside. Extreme sports fanatics will love the chance to bungee jump off the 141 meter high Navajo jump above the Marble river, then recuperate back in the RV before heading down to the Colorado river for some white water rafting. Extreme sports in Arizona can include sky diving, rock climbing, and extreme mountain biking amongst many other daring and dangerous sports.

No trip to Arizona is complete with visiting the most awesome city of lights, Las Vegas. This beautiful oasis in the desert has something to offer every member of the family. There are several golf courses, casinos, and infinite family entertainment and shows. Wherever a family vacations in Arizona, there are always plenty of camping sites for an RV to park. The RV with a fully loaded kitchen including a microwave, and all the modern conveniences required for even an internationally famed chef, can take the family on a wild wilderness adventure exploring the heart of Arizona whilst mum cooks up a delicious feast to serve in the luxurious dining area.

Take a leisurely drive with power steering assisting in the smooth control of the fabulous RV down to Sunsplash Water Park. The kids will be totally entertained all day long by the fast and furious water slide rides where the hair raising thunder splash ride will soak and amuse everybody. Park the RV up and set out to tour the educational museums and history of the city of Mesa. Mesa has many different types of museums and art galleries, historical buildings, and many other family attractions, then it’s back to the RV for yet another day of adventure tomorrow.