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Is Passport To Wealth a Legitimate Business Opportunity?


Dec 24, 2020

Is Passport To Wealth a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Passport To Wealth offers a large quantity of products that can be downloaded as soon as you join the program. The downloads include software and e-books, which are mostly focused on making money, growing your business, and a self improvement. The Passport To Wealth business opportunity is the ability to re-sell the package that you buy into yourself. When you recruit others to do the same thing that you do, you make $997 commissions for each member that you sign up. You also have master resale rights to the downloadable products that you can sell if you choose. If you sell the individual products, all of the commissions are yours to keep.

The Commission Breakdown

Passport To Wealth is a 2-up system. When you join the program you will first have to make two “qualifying sales” before you are able to earn commission on the new members that you $997 from each of the first two sales you make is passed up to the person who recruited you. After your first two sales, you keep 100% of the sales that you make. This is considered to be a passive income system by the people with Passport To Wealth, because you aren’t required to make the actual sales conversions to make the money from the sale. Assuming the people that you bring in make their first two sales, you make money.

Ease of Use

Passport To Wealth was designed to be a potentially automatic money making system. So long as you can drive traffic to your landing pages, the rest of the sales work can be done for you. If you are willing to share a portion of your commission, then you can have a sales team do all the calling, qualifying and closing of prospects for you.


When you join the company, your sponsor will have plenty of reason to help you make your first two sales, because that money goes straight into their bank account. They will likely teach you whatever methods that have been effective for them. However if you don’t master how to correctly market the program in the time while you make those first two sales, those could potentially be your only two sales, and your sponsor doesn’t have any incentive to help you beyond that.

Test It Out

Passport To Wealth gives people the chance to take a trial run and see what all they have to offer. This is quite an advantage over many product re-sale home businesses, because you actually get a chance to see what you will be dealing with. Not having any surprises allows you to make a more informed decision about joining.

Causes for Concern

Though Passport To Wealth is a potentially lucrative business opportunity, they lack in a couple areas that could end up being your make or break for success. If you don’t have a marketing background, after your first two sales you could find yourself floundering with no support. Though some teams will help you regardless of the fact that they stand to gain nothing, most will be less concerned with your success and more concerned with their own. There is no incentive for them to train and mentor you on how to correctly market your business opportunity. While the 2-up commissions make for extra income beyond what you sell directly, you constantly need to be making sales to make a decent income.