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Passport to Wealth Scam – Find Out the Truth


Apr 13, 2022

Passport to Wealth Scam – Find Out the Truth

So I want to talk about the Passport to Wealth scam. I want to give you some information on this company so you can decide for yourself if it is a Passport to Wealth scam on not. OK so first of all what is Passport to Wealth?

Well there’s been a lot of talk about Passport to Wealth scam but to be honest in my opinion its only the people that have joined Passport to Wealth and not made any money that are saying Passport to Wealth is a scam.

OK it might not be their fault that they did not make any money and I will go through why those people might have failed with Passport to Wealth. The first reason is joining the wrong team. You see it is very important you join someone in PP2W that is making good money and can show you how to advertise.

The people who are shouting out from the rooftops Passport to Wealth is a scam probably joined the wrong team, did not know how to advertise and did not know were to advertise. So the chances of them making money with PP2W were slim to none.

In my opinion is it Passport to Wealth scam? NO

It is not a scam you just need to know how to advertise on and offline to make it work for you. Like I said it’s very important if you’re new to internet marketing that you join the right person that will help and teach you how to advertise your new website.

With Passport to Wealth everything is set up for you its all about the advertising. You need to learn ways to get traffic to your site. If you can do this you would not be thinking Passport to Wealth scam and you would be very happy you joined and you would also be living a very happy stress free life.

Thousands of people are making $10,000 per week with PP2W and this is a FACT! So how people can still say Passport to Wealth is a scam is beyond me. But this is just my opinion. You’ll have yours this is just mine.

So my final thoughts on this subject is find the right mentor if your thinking of joining PP2W and if your new to internet marketing talk to the mentor before you join to make sure you will get the right training so you can get traffic to your site.