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Reporting And Replacing A Lost Passport


Apr 13, 2022

Reporting And Replacing A Lost Passport

Losing a passport is a very serious matter. A passport is a document that verifies a person’s identity and acts as a travel pass. It allows people to enter countries and then re-enter their own country. Without this document international travel is not permitted. When someone has a lost passport it is very important to report it as lost and hurry the process to replace it.

Lost Passport

If a passport is found it should immediately be taken to the Department of State, however this rarely happens. If a passport is lost while traveling it is essential to report it lost and then get the process underway to obtain a new one. There are expediting services out there that replace them quickly, sometimes in 24 hours.


There are different avenues for replacing a lost passport. If the document is not needed in a short period of time then it can a replacement can be applied for. This can take about 8 weeks. If it is needed in a short period of time then expediting services must be used, this guarantees the documents arrival in the necessary time period.


It may cost more, but an expedited document might be the only option. If you are abroad in a foreign country lacking a passport, you will need to get one as quickly as possible. Be sure to go with a trustworthy expediting company. This way you are guaranteed your replacement passport in the required timeframe.


In order for the expedited replacement passport to be processed, all necessary paperwork must be filled out. If a private company is used, there may be additional paperwork. Private companies also have added charges that tend to be higher than the governments. However, they may also be able to get your passport to you much faster than the government, so it’s important to weight your options.


Before applying for the replacement passport, always verify what documents are needed. There are many resources out there that list the needed documents as well as allow for an application download. This should ensure that all documentation is correct and all the needed paperwork is in order when applying for a replacement.

Acceptable Forms

Besides the birth certificate that will be needed to prove your citizenship, details on your age, your social security number and where you were born will also be required. At this juncture, it will be imperative to note that your documents are prone to rejection if they are not original. For this reason, you will have to ensure that an official seal appears on the certified copies you have used.

Assistance In A Foreign Land

Travelers who have lost their documents while journeying are expected to show their plane tickets or travel itinerary. The replacement procedure will also require the victim to produce two full-color photographs that adhere to particular specifications. Since these photographs have to be of the required size, they have to be produced by professional photographers.