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Passport Requirements And Your Documents


Mar 29, 2022

Passport Requirements And Your Documents

Foreign travel has become very popular. When you travel anywhere, you have to be prepared ahead of time. This will include documents and you need to know about the US passport requirements.

It’s Necessary

A passport is a necessity today. We can no longer just drive across the border into another country. Even for those who have been living outside of the US borders, to return, a passport is required. In order to do that, certain documents will be needed.

Form DS-11

The application form that you need, the DS-11, can be found online. It can either be filled out online or printed and filled in later. If this is your first passport or your current one is more than fifteen years old, you will need to apply in person at a designated facility.

Passport Offices

After you have filled in your application form with everything but your signature, take it to either a Post Office or an acceptance facility. At that time, they will collect your documents and verify your signature. You will also pay for the passport at this time.

Documents Required

Documents that will be required will show your citizenship. Birth certificates from your state of birth are required to be certified, including both parents’ names. If born abroad, you will need a consular report or, if naturalized, you will need a certificate of naturalization.

Alternative Documents

If you cannot provide primary evidence documents, it is possible to use secondary documents. You could use early public records along with a Letter of No Record. If your birth certificate was not filed within one year of your birth, you can also apply for a delayed birth certificate.

Child Passports

For children born abroad, applying for a passport will require a few more documents. A statement about the American parents residence and length of time in the States and the marriage certificate will be needed. The foreign birth certificate will need to be translated into English as well.

Photocopy Of Documents

Photocopies of the required documents will also be needed. Copy on one side of the page only and be sure that nothing else is on the paper. Be sure to copy both sides of all of your documents.

Passport Types

Choosing which type of passport you are applying for will determine the cost. You can choose just the passport book or a passport card or both. When in the States, you can also have the passport expedited for an additional fee. Fees for persons under sixteen years old are lower.

Passport Photos

Photos can now be taken at home rather than just by a photographer but there are still strict requirements in place. Before having the photo done, make sure that you understand all of the procedures that need to be met.