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See the World on a Budget – It Really Can Be Done


Mar 30, 2022

See the World on a Budget – It Really Can Be Done

Money is certainly tight these days for most of us and when we consider how we can trim our budget and save money, we tend to cut out those things we feel are not necessities of life. Some might think that vacations fall into that category but perhaps the stress of these days make a vacation more of a necessity than you might think. Besides stress relief, family bonding and educational opportunities can encourage vacation planning and getting US passports expedited can get you and your family free to travel in no time at all.

Vacationing on a budget really can be done because there are vacation destinations that are cost effective in every way. Visiting a country close to your own can been done in a cost effective way so if you consider Mexico or Canada, only a passport card is required and is much less expensive to obtain that a regular passport. While air travel still requires a passport, travel to a neighboring country accomplished by land or sea requires only a passport card.

The Caribbean Islands provide an opportunity to vacation in a beautiful area with powdery white sand beach and crystal clear waters at bargain prices. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is located in the Western Caribbean and can also provide a reasonable getaway destination. This location provides less populated beaches and the hotels charge much less for clean rooms, good food and locations encouraging relaxation and exploration.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean a vacation of value can be found in western Ireland. Hiking and exploration are encouraged by miles of hiking trails. Beautiful sites like the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry encourage an active vacation with spectacular visual opportunity. Bike riding and horseback riding present an opportunity to experience nature while enjoying each other company. Inexpensive hotels and cuisine make Ireland the location sought by many cost conscious families.

There are several tricks to cutting the vacation budget. If you have minor children, look for the eateries that offer “kids eat free” days. Speaking of eating, many hotels offer free breakfast to the traveler which can offer a great start for your day and even provide a mid-morning snack. Spending a little extra for accommodations that offer a kitchen can save you a lot in dining expenses. Around town travel can be cheaper if you choose a bus for your transportation rather than a taxi.