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International Travel Tips – What to Do If Arrested Abroad


Mar 29, 2022

International Travel Tips – What to Do If Arrested Abroad

Whether the arrest was the result of willful misconduct, one case of mistaken identity or a stupid joke gone wrong, you’ll be treated like any other crime suspects arrested by police for questioning, but make note of these important International Travel Tips that should be compulsory reading for all international travelers.

In the unlikely event that this happens abroad, how to deal with the situation will significantly affect the way your case will turn out later. It is crucial that you properly manage your arrest. Mistakes made at this time will not be easy to correct later.

An arrest alone is a pretty traumatic experience. And even worse when it occurs in a foreign country where you do not know how legal processes work and can not read or understand the language.

It’s easy to panic when this happens. However, keep in mind that the quick thinking and a calm mind is more important than ever. If the situation makes you nervous it is easy to make critical mistakes during the process of the interview, which may adversely affect the chances of your case.

When the arrest occurs, it is important not to say anything or admit anything, even to defend ones self. Sometimes in an attempt to explain the situation to its defense, which could end up with complicated and incoherent statements that your case may hinder rather than help.

The police can intimidate you to sign a blank sheet of paper or a statement in a language you do not understand. Stay calm but determined to refuse their signature pressure tactics. If you can avoid talking or making a statement of any kind to do that. Wait until it has been duly advised by a legitimate counsel of your choice before making any statement about this case.

The best thing to do is ask for your country consulate secretary and speak to a consular officer or his representatives. You must contact them as soon as possible a they are in a position to advice you of the significance of your arrest and the legal procedure that will follow. It can also be a lawyer that informs you about what is happening, what your best options are and how to go about it. The consulate can also notify your loved ones and to arrange for their visit.

If you have been subjected to any form of abuse, both physical and psychological report this to your consular representative and advisor in this regard. Be as detail as possible You can also help if you have the attention of contacting international human rights organizations with regard to the incident.

A phone call to the members of your family is invaluable, so make an effort to make it happen. Tell your family what happened. Do not try to reduce the tone of the story..

The more you know and understand what happened, the better you can help. Ask them to petition their government, seek help from their representatives in Congress and press the media on put the case on alert. This will help force the government to accelerate an immediate release.