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Passport Agents – The Easy Solution For Your Passport Troubles


May 17, 2021

Passport Agents – The Easy Solution For Your Passport Troubles

Getting a passport is a nightmare for many. The hassled processes and procedures become a dreaded experience but when approached meticulously with the help of passport agents, the whole procedure sums up with successful results.

The validity of an Indian passport is generally for ten years. It is easy to renew your passport with passport renewal services offered at passport agencies. The passport renewal services offer you to extend the validity of your passport in case you had previously received short validity passport, which is valid up to six months and can extend up to one year.

The renewal process includes a lot of paper work and goes along with the original passport and a few other documents such as the address and identity proofs. If your passport has exceeded its expired date, you must require certain affidavits. The rest of the work is usually taken care of by the passport agents. The agents will lessen your rounds to the passport offices. Visas that are valid on the old passport will continue to remain valid until their expiration.

The Tatkal passport services are available for issuing or re-issuing of passports. It is available for emergency or compassionate purposes. This service is not available in cases of loss or damage of passports or miscellaneous services. Some specific documents for the issue of tatkal passport required include proofs of emergency, such as the confirmed air ticket and some additional documents at the Indian Embassy.

The better way to apply for such scheme would be through agencies, which offer professional help from the passport agents. The processing time is reduced to considerable amount of three days without hassle. The work done is quicker and faster, which serves the concept of tatkal largely.

Passport agents also come handy for knowing the information about the visa procedure. They furnish you with details for obtaining a visa. Visa office centers are usually present in various major cities of the country. Applying for visa calls for important documents such as your identity proof and address proofs along with your passport, which are necessary. The documents provided by you will be thoroughly cross-referenced in order to verify all the details. The whole procedure will be completed in a span of few days to weeks. Once these mandatory procedures are finished, you will be intimated whether you are eligible for attaining the visa or not.

Agents will help you get the passport in a span of three days, which solves the intricacies associated with the passport procedure making them easy and effortless.