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Why Custom Car Covers Are The Best Option


May 14, 2021

It’s best if you could store your car indoors all the time. The top agents that destroy your car paint are dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and water; natural things you couldn’t ever control. But when you have no option but to leave your car outside, then outdoor car covers hold your car’s paint together. 

Understanding Car Covers and How They Protect Your Vehicle

Even when indoors, anything could hit your car and chip off some paint. But with a dense, tightly woven cover, it provides enough cushion to reduce impact. For any threat your vehicle faces, there is a cover in the market within your budget. 

The most important things for a car cover are the fabric and fit. The fabric determines the durability and effectiveness of your cover. As for fit, universal car covers are designed to fit a range of cars. They are mostly either bigger or smaller than your car. Fortunately, manufacturers improve them by adding straps to hold down the cover. Continue to learn more about universal car covers.

However, for a few extra dollars, you can order a cover built for your specific model plus any additional modifications you might have. The custom cover glides through along any bumps, turns, and curves to envelop your car. 

And if you will order custom, why stop at the fit? Custom covers give you complete control.

Why Is A Custom Car Cover The Best Option?

You will appreciate a custom cover for these reasons:

Perfect Fit

Loose-fitting covers trap dust between the cover’s inner lining and car paint. When the wind blows, the cover easily rubs the dust on the car’s exterior. Tiny scratches start showing. If this continues for long, the scratches get deeper to expose the car metal. Rust kicks in. At this point, you will need to visit a paint shop.

If you can’t get a universal car cover with straps, it’s best to get a custom-fit cover.

Easy Installation

You won’t need a second hand when pulling on a custom cover. You simply hook to the right curves and stretch. This is unlike a loose-fit cover that keeps shifting as you pull it on. The closest universal covers can get to this is having elastic hems.

Add Personal Touch

When ordering a custom car cover, you choose the fabric type, shape, size, and color. You make your vision come true.

Choosing The Perfect Custom Car Cover Material

What has destroyed your car paint in the past? Use these guidelines when choosing either universal or custom car cover fabric.

  • The best fabric to protect your car against UV rays is either acrylic fiber or any material with added reflective properties.
  • The best material for protecting your car against wetness is a multilayer, tightly woven fabric. Tightly woven fabric has very tiny holes that allow air circulation but limit water entry. For better water resistance, get more fabric layers.
  • Is your threat bird droppings? A single-layer car cover serves the purpose.
  • The best dust protection car cover is a tightly woven multilayered and snug-fitting fabric. More layers prevent dust from reaching the car surface.
  • Thick woven fabric will cushion the car from any rough hits.
  • You also need the inner lining to be soft to avoid scratching the pain every time you pull the cover on or off. The three best non-abrasive materials for the inner lining are cotton, nylon fleece, and polycotton.

With this information, list out of all your car cover requirements and expectations. Decide the fabric color and perfect fit for your car. Then shop for your custom car cover. When you can’t decide on a specific feature, rely on user ratings and reviews.