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Montreal – Places To Experience The Growing Culture


Apr 18, 2021

Montreal – Places To Experience The Growing Culture

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Montreal is special in that it has the distinction of having clean, fresh air and beautiful parks in the city. Walking or riding a bike is a great way to explore these parks, but during certain times of year, there are other ways to explore. For example, the winter months bring frozen lakes, granting the opportunity to go ice skating. Conversely, during the summer, you can take a jet ski or kayak out onto the water. Parc Maisonneuve, Parc du Mont-Royal, and Square Saint-Louis are parks popular throughout all of Canada.

Festivals are a top-notch way to experience the life of Montreal. One of the most famous festivals is the Just For Laughs Festival. This festival focuses solely on laughing and having fun. The Shakespeare-in-the-Park Festival takes place once a year and features readings of the famous plays of Shakespeare. If you are someone who values a good beer, then definitely don’t miss the Festival Mondiale de la bier. This festival features beers and ales from every corner of the globe. One festival had 340 different varieties of beer from 130 countries. Additionally, music and film festivals are a vital part of Montreal. Festival du nouveau cinema de Montreal, the World Film Festival, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the POP Montreal International Music Festival are some of the most well known.

As with most other places, there are certain things you must see to give you a full look at what Montreal is. Griffintown is definitely one of these places. This little section of Montreal has a very distinct historical feel to it, acting as a reminder of Montreal’s humble seafaring roots. However, the modern mixes in nicely with the old, as there are tons of trendy art galleries and antique shops to explore.

Habitat 67 is yet another of these must-see places. The special residential building created for the specific purpose of creating the most living space while using the most efficient design possible. It looks like an arrangement of cubes stacked on top of each other. Also be sure to check out a Montreal Canadians hockey game, something very important for Montreal citizens. L’Oratoire St.-Joseph du Mont-Royal is a famous chapel known for its rich spiritual atmosphere as well as it’s chilling choral performances.