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Passport Card Purpose


Apr 22, 2021

Passport Card Purpose

A United States Passport Card is a legally issued document in which individuals are able to enter the country via sea or land border entry points. Many individuals who have planned trips between the States and Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean should obtain a legally documented card. It is a simple application process and not as expensive as regular passports. All American citizens are eligible for application for these documents.

Border Travel

The document is only valid for border travel, which means that you cannot leave the country for international destinations. The purpose is to fulfill all needs related to border traveling and is not in a bulky book format for convenient use. Cards have been created for proof of identity and evidence for citizenship.


If you are applying for the first time, you have to visit the relevant authorities. In instances where you are under sixteen years of age you should apply for the relevant document or if the item was previously issued at sixteen years old. If one has lost the item or has been a victim of theft or considerable damage then it must be replaced.


Should you have obtained the document more than fifteen years ago, you must apply for a new one as well as in instances where you have not been able to legally change your name. For minors of sixteen to seventeen years of age, special requirements are necessary during the application procedure. Adults who are in the process of applying for a new document have to appear at a relevant facility in person.

Valid Documents

If you are a citizen of the United States of America, you have the legal right to apply for these legally documented cards for border travel by completing a DS-11 form. An Acceptance Agent will approve whether one is able to complete a submission process in signing the documents. Proof such as a social security number is needed to complete the application process or it could be delayed or denied.

Legal Forms

The Acceptance Facility or Passport Agency are legal authorities where one may submit the necessary forms, which include proof of citizenship and designated application forms. These personal documents will be mailed to the recipient upon the issuing of the Passport Card. Evidence includes a birth certificate obtained in the state or country or a passport document.

Valid ID

If travel arrangements have been made on short notice for land or sea border destinations, one is eligible to apply for the document. Upon issuing of these legally required cards, individuals may proceed with the above mentioned travel arrangements and do not have to possess a visa. This document may be used as proof for citizenship when flying within the country or when purchasing items such as alcohol and tobacco for proof of age.