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Guide To Getting a Children’s Passport


Apr 13, 2021

Guide To Getting a Children’s Passport

A young one, whether a teenager or an infant who is below the legal age, must posses legal documents for traveling whether inside or outside the state. This is a very vital issue to the authorities since they want to combat child trafficking and ensure that there are no cases of kidnappings. To get children’s passport quick can be emphasized by many factors, some of them are listed below.


Before you do anything, you should have an application form. This can be retrieved by either visiting your nearest registry offices and filling it in manually or by downloading it from the registry’s website. You should also consult the visa agent for further information before any document is signed so you are fully informed. In case the child’s age is below the legal age, the guardian or parent is entitled to sign the documents on his or her behalf.

Proof Of Citizenship

The next step you should follow to ensure you find the traveling documents faster is by proving that you are a legal citizen of the state. For this reason,verification is required. You can do this by, producing documents such as a national identity card or your birth certificate. Remember that this verification applies to both the child and parent respectively. If you wish the activity be made faster, both parents are supposed to be present.

Adoption Papers

In case the child was adopted, the adoption documents must be shown. You can find yourself in more trouble when you do not have the lawful adoption documents. This is because of the rise in child trafficking activities all around the world.

Formal Letter

The parent should present a formal letter to the authority as proof that they have given their children permission to get a passport. The guardian signing a statement in the office of the registry further emphasizes this. If one parent does the signing, he or she is supposed to prove that the other parent has allowed him or her to act on his or her on behalf.

Parental PIN Number

The procedure is also enhanced when the parents present their social security or PIN number when applying. The security number shows that the parent is a law abiding citizen and responsible. The PIN number also confirms that you are a taxpayer.

Two Pictures

Another point to note is that you are supposed to have two passport-sized photos. These photos are supposed to be taken by a professional photographer who will ensure high quality photos. Note that you can delay the process by not getting a good photo because you will be required to retake them for as many times until you get the best one that is required.