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Learn a Fast Method to an Expedited Passport Application


Jun 1, 2022

Learn a Fast Method to an Expedited Passport Application

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a trip outside of your home country can present some unique challenges. You must understand the travel documents that are required by your home destination countries. If your trip is happening within a short period of time, it might be necessary to complete an expedited passport application.

The first step a traveler should take is to understand the requirements to apply for a passport. If this is your first passport the process will be a bit different, and somewhat more involved. If you are renewing an expired passport you will find it a bit simpler because you are known to the agency. You can generally find the specifics on the website of the passport issuing agency.

It is important that you complete the correct application form for the type of passport that you are requesting. The instructions that accompany the application will explain what supporting documentation you must provide as part of the process. Generally, you must provide documents that prove your identity and citizenship. Along with that proof, you must submit two photos that meet very specific size, color and background requirements. If you are filing for a renewal of an existing passport, you will have a little easier time of it as your old passport is submitted with your application, and serves as your proof of citizenship and identity.

One of the first things you should acquaint yourself with relative to the application process is what the issuing agency’s expected lead times are in delivering your passport after receiving your application. There are certain times when they are backlogged, and the process might take several months. Even under optimal conditions, they still could take a few weeks. You can pay an additional fee with your application to expedite the process.

If your travel plans do not allow you to wait even a few weeks for your passport, there is another way to get it in a hurry. You can hire a private company to act as your representative for the purpose of obtaining your travel documents quickly. There are several companies that exist for the purpose of helping travelers in navigating the process of getting documents required for international travel.

While a private company can assist you with getting your travel documents, it does not mean that you do not have to complete the necessary applications or provide the required documentation. In fact, there is a good chance that the company will have forms for you to fill out to request their services. There are several of these companies, and they each have a range of services that they offer. You will pay a fee according to what you need and how quickly you need it.

Even if you use a private company to assist you with expediting this process, you must still begin at an Acceptance Facility. These facilities are agencies of the government, and serve as the initial contact point when applying for a passport. In preparing your paperwork for submission to the representative of the company you have hired, you must first present it to an agent at the Acceptance Facility for review. You must notify the agent that you are using a private firm to expedite the process for you, and request that your application form and supporting documentation be placed in a sealed envelope. It is this envelope that the company you hired will use to obtain your passport in a short period of time.