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Melbourne – Bright, Colorful, And One-Of-A-Kind


Apr 26, 2022

Melbourne – Bright, Colorful, And One-Of-A-Kind

Sitting prettily on the Port Philip Bay, Melbourne is a city of lights. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria in Australia, and it is also Australia’s second-most populous city. People from around the globe visit this colorful and interesting city, which takes that quintessential city experience and throws in a dash of Australian flavor. If your travel plans are taking you to Melbourne, be sure to have your passport first. Definitely make sure your passport isn’t expired. If it is, passport renewals are quick and easy online.

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Queen Victoria Market

While in Melbourne, one thing you can’t miss out on is shopping at Queen Victoria Market. In addition to being able to purchase handmade knick-knacks, clothing, souvenirs, fruits and veggies, and more, it’s also a great place to just check out the more laid-back side of Melbourne by exploring and people-watching. There are also some popular attractions near the market, so going to the market can be a whole-day sort of experience. For a similar experience, head to St. Kilda, where there is a flea market every Sunday.

St. Kilda

If you do make it so St. Kilda, the Shrine of Remembrance is another important spot. This memorial is for all of the Australians who risked or lost their lives in war. The memorial garden is part of the Shrine, and if you head to the roof of the Shrine, you’re greeted with some beautiful views.

Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum in the Carlton suburb is very well known and definitely worth checking out. This museum is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and it contains seven permanent galleries and temporary exhibits in it’s three stories. These collections include a children’s gallery, a dinosaur collection, and even mummies. Carlton is home to many of Melbourne’s historical sites and remnants of its prevalent Italian background. In addition, it’s a thriving university town with lots of young people attending the nearby University of Melbourne.

Melbourne Zoo

Another favorite attraction is the big Melbourne Zoo. Housing more than 350 species of animals, this is the oldest zoo in Australia. Housing famous residents such as gorillas, lions, elephants, and more, it’s a great way to spend a day. The Royal Botanic Garden is as well. The gardens themselves are maintained to stunning perfection, and the area is low-key and relaxing. There are plenty of walking paths for those looking to take a stroll, and plenty of good spots for picnics. It costs absolutely nothing to get inside, making it a fun, relaxing, and budget-friendly way to explore Melbourne.