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A Smart Journey – Proper Tourist Etiquette


Jun 1, 2022

A Smart Journey – Proper Tourist Etiquette

Traveling is one of the most worthwhile activities that bring a person to a place that will give one of the most remarkable experiences that he would have for the rest of his life. From the scenery of the places he visit to the culture and traditions of the locals, each can leave a lasting mark that would surely make the traveler’s life extra-special.

However, entering a different world far from your usual day-to-day life obliges one’s whole safety in the new experiences and ideas he/she might encounter. Most travelers are unaware of their effects on the local people that they encounter, and take for granted the impact of their presence to the destination they visit.

I have, in my many years of travel, indulged myself in observing bad habits manifested by many of my co-travelers during our short, but rather, eye-opening encounters. Most, being in a far away land, away from their domiciles, find it convenient to treat the vicinity similar to that of an American teenager’s room- carelessly throwing away plastic wrappers and other “trinkets” they somehow think would be pleasant to leave to behind.

One who throws his junk without considering the consequences that it may bring may not directly or immediately experience its effect, but isn’t a common knowledge how weather abnormally changes causing calamities in different parts of the world? People’s irresponsibility has taken its toll on Mother Earth and everyone can clearly see it – from landslides to flash floods, and even the contamination of water that kills the species that leave under.

I have just encountered dismayed travelers and backpackers who are disappointed due to the damaged locations that could have been their next destinations. The heavy rains and flooding in Brazil and China and annihilated ecosystem in some of the islands in Asia and North America are starting to reduce the possible places where travelers can spend their holidays. And this is the just one of the drastic results of not thinking about our actions that damages our world.

Reading this might be too much to understand, but my intention was to awaken your senses of the reality facing our lives today, and for all travelers to use their heads before doing any actions. Like most life advisors would tell you, we need to grow up and teach ourselves the consequences of our every action. Despite the laws and rules governing the protection of the nature, it all boils down to us, the individual tourist.

Keep in mind that the protection of our planet lies in our own hands. And these hands can also be the cause of the world’s devastation that is why we have to be conscious and cautious of our actions. Bear in mind that every time you visit a wonderful place, “take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints kill nothing but time”