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Large Game Hunting and Fishing in Colorado


Apr 1, 2021

If you want to experience the hunting and fishing you have dreamed about, Colorado may be just the place for you. You can find an amazing variety of wildlife in this beautiful state so explore some tips for a successful hunt.


Many avid fly fishers practice a catch-and-release policy. However, when you are backpacking, you might want to eat some of the trout you catch. Be familiar with the safety of fish consumption to ensure your health.


Elk live in steep areas, so it is important to be in shape as you plan your elk hunt. Many successful hunters wait until late in the season when they can use the snow to track their quarry. Having appropriate, warm gear is essential. Comfortable boots that allow you to walk all day will make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the hunt.


Moose meat, which can be delicious to eat, is usually very lean. There are over 3,000 moose in Colorado, and the state conducts a hunting season in September. The limited licenses are awarded to only a handful of applicants through a draw.


It is important to be able to identify the age of the bears you observe. Adult bears have larger heads, and their ears appear smaller in comparison to their head size. Family groups are protected by law, so don’t hunt mothers and cubs. Since bear hunting requires such skill, you may consider using a guide and enjoying the benefits of full service camps Steamboat Springs CO. Experienced guides understand the habitat, seasonal changes and feeding patterns of bears in their area.


If you are a beginner, hunting mule deer makes a good place to start. The first step is to purchase a qualifying license to apply for the draw. Bowhunting begins in September, and rifle hunting is later in the season, depending on the species.

Small game, turkey and waterfowl are also found in Colorado, offering additional hunting possibilities. Now might be a good time to plan a visit.