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Top Expenses To Account for in Your Business’s Budget


Apr 1, 2021

When you draft your business’s yearly budget, you think about how many employees you want to hire, how many loans you have to repay, and how much rent is due on your premises. As you create your spending plan for the upcoming year, don’t forget to include these expenses.

Machinery Repairs and Replacements

Your machines work around the clock to ensure that you fulfill your customers’ orders on time. However, using your machines all the time makes them more likely to break down, especially if they operate at high speeds. Inspect each machine thoroughly and note any parts that seem to be deteriorating. Leave room in your budget for replacement parts such as Eclipse combustion parts Royal Oak MD as well as unexpected repairs.


Your machines can’t operate without the materials that become your products. If you overspent on materials last year, talk to different vendors to see if they have special offers for bulk ordering. Consider sourcing your materials locally if you have room in your budget. Not only is this buying strategy better for the environment, but it also helps you network with entrepreneurs in your area.

Personal Protective Equipment

What personal protective equipment you need depends on your industry, building size, and ventilation system. If your employees work with hazardous chemicals, they need gowns, safety goggles, and protective gloves. If they work around loud equipment, they need earplugs to prevent hearing loss. Work with your human resources team to identify all your workplace hazards, and then leave plenty of room in your budget for PPE. Remember, purchasing PPE is an investment in your employees’ wellbeing and your business’s success.

Creating your business’s budget is complicated no matter how small your company is. Don’t forget to account for these major expenses before sending your budget to your investors.