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Escort Passport 9500i Review


Mar 28, 2021

Escort Passport 9500i Review

Escort is and has been a leader in the radar and laser detector industry since the release of the Passport 8500 some years back. The standards set by Escort have not been able to be matched by any competitor for over thirty years. They have proved to have the best capability to adapt to our worlds emerging and changing speed monitoring technology. Well Escort has done it again with the iconic GPS powered Passport 9500i. In the past, technological advancements in radar detectors have come slow, but the 9500i pretty much takes the cake as far as advancements go. Escort is the first in the industry to introduce advanced GPS technology in their radar and laser detector’s. The advanced GPS technology takes the Passport radar and laser detector to a whole new level. It does what others of its kind cannot.

The advanced GPS technology enables the Passport 9500i to detect red light cameras, speed cameras, school zones, speed signs, radar drones, EZ pass lanes, automated photo radar and other stationary speed traps. It comes pre loaded with speed trap locations across the Passport 9500i is the only radar detector known which utilizes a USB port which allows you to upload information to the radar detector. If for some reason your radar detector isn’t picking up on a speed trap and you would like it too, you can program the 9500i to do so.. With this awesome new feature, you are virtually protected from any and all speed monitoring. This is great for when your going on long drives or trips and don’t know the area well. The advanced GPS technology knows the danger zones, even when you don’t.

Were not done yet! The GPS technology also powers a cool feature called Trulook Filter, which allows you to filter out x band and k band alarms. Another words, you can set your radar detector so it doesn’t detect bank/store security systems and all other false alarms, whatever they might be. So no more annoying beeps and buzzers when it’s not necessary. You will only be alerted when approaching a speed trap, or when police are taking radar. Last, the Escort Passport 9500i has speed sensitive radar reception sensitivity. What this does is enable the radar detector to switch from city mode to highway mode automatically so you don’t have too. When you are driving at city speeds it will adjust to city mode, and when you are driving at highway modes it will adjust to highway mode. As you can see, the Passport 9500i is one of a kind. You wont find advanced GPS powered technology anywhere else, for now at least. Escort’s 9500i is revolutionizing the radar and laser detector industry.