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Airplane Travel Tips – Overcome Your Fear of Flying


May 24, 2022

Airplane Travel Tips – Overcome Your Fear of Flying

DId you know that one out of every six adults has a fear of flying? Flying isn’t really something that everyone looks forward to. Like in my case, riding an airplane has always been an issue for the longest time and it was just recently that I’ve somewhat overcame my fear and realized that I had nothing to fear after all. Of course, there are still those moments that I find myself nervous which is completely normal, but that didn’t stop me from flying. Don’t let your fear of flying hinder you from traveling and discovering new places. So if you suffer from the same anxiety when traveling by plane, here are some tips to that can help alleviate your fear and make flying more bearable.

1. Know what to expect. Fear and anxiety usually happen when your mind wanders off and imagine all sorts of possibilities that could happen. Things such as the plane will crash, the plane will burn, the plane will explode and other negative situations can all create fear. Without knowing to expect, a simple turbulence can instantly send you to panicville. Try to familiarize yourself with the sounds and movements of an airplane so that you’ll understand what you’re experiencing during take off, landing or when the plane hits turbulence. There are a lot of resources online that can help you understand what to expect.

2. Flying is safer than you think. Flying is actually the safest mode of transportation. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are approximately one in eleven million. Always remember that airplanes are designed and built to withstand even the wildest turbulences. Apart from that, airline companies make sure that their planes and pilots are in tip top shape every flight so you shouldn’t worry too much.

3. Pretend that you’re just riding a bus. Riding a bus doesn’t really feel that much different from riding a bus, well except for the take off and landing part. Just close your eyes and imagine that you’re just taking a bus ride. When you hit turbulence, just imagine that you’re just on a bumpy road.

4. If all else fails, drink some alcohol or take a sedative. Of course these are not long term fixes but if you really need to go somewhere and you absolutely hate flying then these can do the trick.

Conquering a fear is one of the best feelings in the world. Don’t let your fear of flying make you miss out on the wonderful opportunity of traveling to new places. Happy flying!