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Bike Safety Tips – Building Awareness on How to Ride Safely


May 24, 2022

Bike Safety Tips – Building Awareness on How to Ride Safely

It is important for bicycle riders to become aware of the different bike safety tips before heading out on the road on their bikes. Knowing these basic precautions can protect them from potential accidents and harms while riding.

Moreover, disseminating and practicing these safety tips can significantly help reduce the percentage of bicycle casualties on both private and public roads. If you constantly ride your bicycle when going to work or school, when commuting and in running some errands, you must take note of the following pointers that can help ensure your safety while you are on the road.

These bike safety tips had been proven to save lives in unexpected circumstances like road accidents. As a bicycle rider, it is your responsibility to protect yourself by observing some basic precautions. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind;

1. Make it a point to wear a bicycle helmet at all times while on your bike. This is probably the most important of all bike safety tips. You have to pay attention to your head protection because it holds your brain which is the most vital organ of the body that controls all motor and sensory functions as well as proprioception, cognition and coordination.

In whatever incident, it is very important to protect your head and neck from severe trauma. Therefore, you must not take for granted simple safety measures such as wearing a helmet. It has been known to save lives.

2. Always obey traffic rules. Do not be a stubborn bicycle rider. Ride your bicycle only in designated areas and always pay attention to traffic rules. There are bicycle lanes that you can make use of if you want to use your bike when commuting. You may also check out with your local traffic authorities the rules regarding the use of bicycle in public roads. Never take chances in riding your bicycle in restricted areas.

3. Use hand signals when stopping or turning. Do not just stop or make sharp turns in corners. Always make a hand signal to warn the vehicle or bike behind you where you intend to turn. This is not just for your own safety but also for the safety of the other bicycle riders and motorists. This is one of the bike safety tips that is often forgotten. Thus, you have to keep it in mind at all times and know that it helps to follow such simple rule.

4. Do not carry another person on your bicycle especially if you are in busy roads or bicycle lanes.

5. Always be on the lookout for vehicles that cross the street or those that are leaving the driveway or parking lots. Maintain your presence of mind while on your bike and keep in mind that your safety is your responsibility. Do not compete or race against bigger vehicles. Just focus on your safety and on the traffic rules.

When riding your bike, always keep these bike safety tips in mind. And lastly, make it a point to check your bicycle and ensure that it is in top condition especially if you intend to use it for commute or in public roads.