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A Few Facts About Passport Renewal


Nov 19, 2020

A Few Facts About Passport Renewal

In order to do a passport renewal by mail, you must comply with a few simple requirements and your existing passport must be unmarred. Basically, the previous passport must have been issued when you were at least age fifteen. The existing passport must not more than fifteen years old. You must not have had a name change in the period since your passport was issued.

Another alternative is to apply for a passport card. This card can be issued by mail if you have not received a passport card through the mail previously. You must quality for the mail-in passport requirements. Overdue child support will keep you from receiving a passport. When mailing in your documentation for a passport or card, be sure to use a secure envelope. Make the necessary purchases to be able to trace the documents through the mail.

A lost, damaged or stolen passport can’t be renewed through the mail. It must be done in person. You will need to complete an application except for the signature blank which will be done in the presence of the passport agent. Your social security card must be presented for proof of identity.

You must also prove you are a citizen of the United States. A previous passport is the simplest way to prove citizenship. You may also provide a certified birth certificate, a certificate of naturalization or a certificate of citizenship. Be sure to bring documents with you to the office of the passport agency to speed the process and avoid the necessity of a second visit.

Identification documents are needed as well. The passport agency can accept military ID or government ID cards. A driver’s license that is current will suffice, as will an existing passport. Sometimes, you will need to find secondary ID methods, such as getting a person to vouch for you. The other person must be able to prove identity in this instance.

Identification documentation needs to be prepared in a specific defined format. Each document must be photocopied on a single page of standard letter size white paper on one side only. You can enlarge the size of the print, but you cannot shrink the size of the copy to less than actual size.

You must submit the correct fees along with the application. The fees may be split into two different payments, one to the agent and one to purchase the passport renewal. Some agents will only accept money orders for the exact amount. If you purchase additional services, such as expedited delivery or overnight service, you must include the appropriate fees for the additional services. You can pay by credit card, money order or checks in most cases. Personal checks may need to clear before the passport is issued.