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How to Get a Passport Fast – The Quick, No-Stress Way to Rush Your Passport Application


Nov 23, 2020

How to Get a Passport Fast – The Quick, No-Stress Way to Rush Your Passport Application

Do you want to get a passport fast?

You certainly do if you plan to travel abroad within two weeks and still don’t have a valid passport. Airlines won’t let you on the plane without one but waiting 4 to 12 weeks for regular processing won’t cut it.

Having to rush your passport application process can be stressful. If you are feeling pressured at this time, I fully understand what you are going through. I had to get my travel document in less than three weeks and that included the Christmas and New Years holidays.

But I have a secret for this is it.

I got my travel document in five days and so can you! In fact, you can get your passport as quickly as the same day. Want to know how?

To get your passport fast, you have a choice.

1. You can apply for your passport yourself. Or…

2. You can have someone submit your passport application for you.

Which method is best? Let’s look at each one and you can decide for yourself.

Apply for Fast Passport Services Yourself

First, you call a toll-free number to schedule an appointment. Dialing the number is easy. Getting through is another matter. It can take…forever. But, let’s suppose you do get through. Hurray for you.

Next, you have to show up at the regional passport agency for your appointment. Not a problem if you live in or near the city where it is located. I lived 7 hours away and was in the middle of final exams. I opted for method number two.

Get a Passport Expediter to Submit the Application for You

The process is pretty easy. You fill out and submit a simple online application. You send the expediting service your passport application and supporting documents. Viola. You are free to make other preparations for your trip.

There was no calling the toll-free number over and over and over again. There were no long road trips. There was an additional fee but, hey, your time and your sanity are worth something. Aren’t they?