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Why Some Website Projects Are Never Completed


May 3, 2021

Why Some Website Projects Are Never Completed

Getting a new website is exciting. In the beginning, when the focus is directly on the website. Even major corporations can get wrapped up in the allure of taking a business online. It is a big step, but the outcome is not always rosy. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, there is a graveyard of website projects that were never completed. This sad fate can be avoided if you plan ahead with a web design quote and follow some very basic steps that will ensure your web graphic design is a success.

There are many reasons why a web graphic design project remains unfinished. Many of the causes can be avoided by incorporating details of the project within a web design quote. In many instances, the individual or group chosen to complete the website is not qualified for the job. In other scenarios, the web development process does not receive the attention it deserves. The death of a website project can be avoided but it requires excellent planning and project management.

It really isn’t as complicated as you might think. The most important way to ensure a web graphic design project’s success is to do a lot of research before you begin. The research should involve all aspects of the project. This means determining a realistic budget, interviewing individuals to determine what functions are needed in the website, and due diligence on the web developer that will be creating the site. Many websites never make it to the Internet because a proper budget was not determined and the money for the project ran out before it was complete. Not doing due diligence on the web developer can have the same effect. Either the project will be never ending or it will not function properly. You should only consider hiring professionals that are willing to provide you with references, a web design quote, and a signed contract.

This brings us to a major issue that can kill a web graphic design project. Your web development team can only do so much. You must do your part. This means providing content, approving functions, assisting with testing, and getting management involved in decision making. These items will ensure that the process keeps moving forward. A great way to ensure that both parties stay on track is to incorporate the milestones within a web design quote and a formal contract. The web design quote should include penalty fees that are charged or taken off for delays. The contract should state a set timeline. For instance, each milestone should be signified by a completion date. Turn-around times for decisions, approvals, and other issues should be spelled out to avoid confusion and ensure both parties meet their obligations in a timely manner.

Once you have a good contract and web design quote in place, you will have eliminated many of the problems that send a website to the graveyard. However, project management is one area that is still a concern. You need to have someone dedicated to seeing the web graphic design completed. This individual will be responsible for completing tasks, gathering approvals, scheduling testing, and generally ensuring that the project continues moving toward completion. The project manager must have the support of the entire company, including management. If you do not designate one individual to lead the project, it will be very easy for things to start going awry. Without proper support, even the best project manager will be fighting a losing battle. If you implement these suggestions and be mindful of the problem areas, you can ensure that your site avoids makes to the Internet and avoids the website graveyard.