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How to Prepare Your Child for Daycare


May 3, 2021

Starting a daycare is an important step for a child. The transition from being at home to being in a brand new environment can be difficult. Here are some ways to prepare your little one for a daycare provider Poway CA.

Start a Routine

Children thrive on routine, and schedules are an important part of daycare procedures. If you have been lax at doing things at certain times every day, you can start now. Set aside parts of the day for waking up, having meals and snacks, playing and taking naps. This way, when your child arrives at daycare, he or she will be prepared and will understand the concept of set routines and will be less likely to protest.

Practice at Home

It’s easy to incorporate daycare practices into your home routine. Have your child join you on a blanket and read a story out loud. Recite the alphabet song and review numbers. Sing songs about the seasons and phonics. You can find plenty of resources online if you don’t know where to start. The important thing is to begin instilling a habit of learning. This will make your child much more open to learning when surrounded by other kids.

Visit the Daycare

The first time your child observes his or her new daycare should be long before the first drop-off. You should aim to make multiple trips to the center before starting. Let your child interact with the staff and get a good idea of how things are laid out. If your little one can gain at least some familiarity with the new surroundings, the first day will be less daunting.

There are ways that you can ease the shift when your child is starting a new daycare. By putting in a little effort beforehand, you can help your child to feel safe and secure during the passage.