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Web Design Tips That You Should Not Be Without


May 3, 2022

Web Design Tips That You Should Not Be Without

With so much technology evolving every single minute of the day, it would be foolhardy for a company to not invest in having their own presence online and one of the ways they can secure their place in the online world is to have their own website.

One of the basics that a web design company would tell you is that size matters. It might not seem that much but a sluggish web site typically works against a business, and one of the reasons why sites load slower than usual is the amount of images that can be found. That being the case, if you would be designing your own business website, you have to make sure that you keep your images to a minimum. It is also a good move to make sure that your images have been scaled down so that they do not occupy much space if your site’s page. You would also need to make sure that not only do you optimize the alt attributes of the images but each of the images should also match the content of the page.

Most web design companies would also tell you that blinking texts and images as well as rolling ones are never a good idea especially if you want others to see your company as a professional one. In the same line, you should also limit your use of flash animations as it neither provides leverage for your site in the eyes of the search engines nor does it make loading the page faster.

If possible, limit your content to one screen per page. According to some of the studies done by web design companies, having your site visitor scroll down can actually cause them to lose interest. Of course, this would mean that they would rather check out other sites than really go through all of what’s written on your page. Be brief and direct as your site visitors typically have about 8 seconds to digest what your company is about.

A comprehensive navigation system should also be in place. In order to be considered as comprehensive, most web design companies would tell you that a navigation system should be easily found on the top of your page and should clearly indicate how to jump from one page to the other without the visitor having to retrace back his or her steps. In some instances, breadcrumbs, as seen in a number of CMS, can be considered as a comprehensive navigation system. You can also enhance your visitor’s experience by placing a search box that would help them easily find the information they are looking for without having to go through everything on your site.

Lastly, most web design companies agree that your whitespace is as important as your page’s text and image content. Your white space can help your readers easily scan the page for the information that they need. It could give your site a clean look, or a cluttered look if not used wisely.