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Travel Card Holder and Passport Holder – The Best Travel Accessories


May 12, 2022

Travel Card Holder and Passport Holder – The Best Travel Accessories

Traveling for business or vacation is a common phenomenon today and there is no reason why it should be done in style. Passports and travel cards are not only very important documents needed during traveling, but they are also required as identity proofs when traveling abroad. Hence they have to be carried carefully and they are best not stuffed in with your other hand luggage. A wide range of passport and travel card holders are available in the market and they are not just good to look at but are extremely affordable too.

Leather Passport Jacket: These kinds of passport holders have adequate storage space not only for passports but also for the extra documents like driver’s license, business cards, and other identity cards. There are multiple clear pockets so that the contents within can remain clearly visible and you do not have to browse through everything inside in a time of hurry. It would also make a perfect gift to someone who frequently travels and if you intend to gift one of these, then it would be best if you buy one with a blank cover so that you can personalize it with the receiver’s initials. Prices depend on the size and quality of leather used.

Full Grain Cowhide Passport Wallet: The dimensions of these wallets are 4″ by 5.5″. They are one of the premium products when it comes to travel accessories and are made from the best quality leather. Hence, comparatively they are more expensive than the other leather wallets. They come in a wide range of monochromatic colors and have multiple pockets to include al your business cards along with your passport. They are also water resistant to a certain extent and the leather makes it very durable and hence ideal for constant traveling.

Snakeskin Passport Covers in Assorted Colors: These passport covers are available in stunning colors like lavender, green, pink, light blue and of course the all purpose, standard black, along with some other colors. They are made from the best snakeskin leather although the quality depends from brand to brand. They are stylishly designed and are very affordable.

Brown Leather Passport Cover: Although they are of the standard brown color, the PASSPORT embossed on the front cover in a stylish font, spacious interiors with multiple pockets and affordable rates makes it a favorite among those who consider utility and usability more important than gaudy style. Because in ddition to the large pockets to carry your passport and driver’s license, there are also smaller pockets at the sides to carry your seating pass and luggage tags. It is simplistic in design, and yet has a classy look for it to be flaunted among your fellow travelers.