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Christmas in Jamaica: Tips Before Your Travel


May 12, 2022

Christmas in Jamaica: Tips Before Your Travel

Spending Christmas in Jamaica is indeed a breathtaking affair because no matter where you go in the island, you will feel the holiday jubilance and festivities. It is a thrilling experience watching the Junkoo, eating the pinda and Jamaican fruit cake and drinking the sorrel. With so many things to do from watching the streets full of merrymakers to the simplest festive gatherings, your vacation can never go dreary. However, like most vacations, you will need to prepare before hand to make it perfect. Here are some tips for you to have your Jamaican Christmas right on.

Legal Documents

Ensure that all your travelling documents, particularly your passport and your visa are intact. Only visitors from Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand and Israel are not required to present visas to enter the island; and remember that only passports that are valid within the next six months will be accepted. When travelling, only bring a copy of your passport and leave the original in your place of accommodation.

Secure an immigration card. Even though you are not required to have travel permits, you will need to fill out an immigration card upon arrival and departure.

Make sure that all your tickets are all kept intact. You will be required to show them during your travel.

Obtain travel insurance. This is the best precautionary measure that you can do not only for your protection but for your convenience in cases of delays and cancellations of travel arrangements.

Personal Care

Bring repellants for sandflies. Often, local repellants are more effective than the ones available in your area. So when purchasing them, it is best to buy them in local stores in Jamaica. You also need to apply repellants before you leave your accommodations. This is the best way to avoid getting swarmed by sandflies especially during your late afternoon beach walks.

Bring a jacket or a foldable umbrella. Jamaica is a tropical island and needless to say, rains are as well expected. So always bring with you a jacket or a foldable umbrella. This will keep you from getting sick during your trip.

Bring sun tan, caps or hats. These items will help you avoid getting burned by the sun, especially if you are going rafting. The adventure is sure fun but never underestimate the sun.

Bring bottled water when going on trips. Do not drink tap water. So before you leave the place where you stay, buy bottled water. This will keep you from getting any waterborne diseases during your vacation.

Do not bring valuables while on a trip. These things can attract unwanted attention and may cause you unwanted problems.


Bring a camera when having a Christmas vacation in Jamaica. You will surely have great moments to cherish in the island so do not forget to bring one.

When planning your accommodations, choose apartments or villas than hotels. For these places combine the comforts and luxuries offered by hotels and the privacy of homes.A�

Have a check-list of documents and things you may need in your travel, and pack them appropriately. Following the tips above may save you from the challenging ordeal of packing.