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Top Islands in the Tropics That Make Great Holiday Destinations


May 17, 2022

Top Islands in the Tropics That Make Great Holiday Destinations

It is always warm in the tropics. This encourages lush growth of flora and you can admire the fauna here throughout the year as there are no winter or frost occurrences in these places. Vegetation and wild life abound in such humid climates and such diversity is not found anywhere else in the world.

A great getaway holiday is to one of the tropical islands. You can select from numerous but here is a list of the top three that are luxurious, face the beachfront and are ideal for people who wish to get away from it all and unwind on a glorious vacation.

Motu Akitua Island

One of the secluded islands that are located in the Pacific Ocean, is Motu Akitua, in the Cook Islands Tourists can reach the island of Aitutaki and take a ferry to reach to this remote spot. The resort in this island is very exclusive though affordable. They have a villa and four bungalows and the rates here is $210 per night when it is not peak season.

Since it is a small resort, visitors may often find that they have the lagoon to themselves. It is a great spot for honeymooners or people who wish to have a private wedding. It is ideal for family reunions or for girls who wish to enjoy a weekend in a group. Since the mobile reception is not very efficient, it is advisable to leave your BlackBerry behind, when you decide to set off to this remote holiday destination.

Tutor Saliba Island

This island, Tutor Saliba, is located in the Indian Ocean, near the island of Diego Garcia. Here again, there is one resort only which can accommodate about 30 guests. Due to this, the Tutor Saliba Island resort is always booked so make sure to reserve the resort well in advance.

The rates for one night are around $250 which includes alcoholic beverages and food. Though you may bring children to this resort, the island of Tutor Saliba is not very child-friendly and adults should try to come alone to have a great vacation.

The resort offers many services such as a spa, snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving. Newcomers to water sport activities can avail of beginner’s lessons offered by the resort.

Palau Manukan

The television series, Survivor, was shot in Palau Island and since then this island has become popular. Palau Manukan is not one island but a chain of many small islands that are located quite close to Malaysia.

Palau Manukan is the second largest of this group of island and visitors can avail of modern amenities and secluded beaches when they arrive at this destination. The resort consists of a clubhouse and 20 guest chalets, a fine restaurant, tennis courts and a swimming pool. The beaches on this island are sparkling white and the crystal blue sparkling waters are ideal for swimming, or activities such as snorkeling. Many enjoy relaxing on the beach.

The three islands described above are some of the best islands that you can head to for a tropical vacation where you can just relax or get involved in adventurous water sporting activities. Enjoy your leisure holidays when you arrive at the islands such as Motu Akitua, Pulau Manukan or Totor Saliba.