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Tips on Staying Fit While Traveling


Feb 27, 2021

Tips on Staying Fit While Traveling

You should never have to sacrifice your fitness routine while traveling, even if you’re on the road during cold winter months. Exercise is important for your overall health and well-being, especially in helping to combat jetlag. With a little research and planning, you should be able to maintain your fitness schedule even when traveling.

Obviously you’ll want to bring your tennis shoes and a change workout clothes. You might just feel obligated because you brought them, forcing you to get some exercise.

Try booking a hotel with a fitness center and/or pool located onsite. Fitness centers at hotels are generally under-utilized and may offer new equipment to try out that is not currently part of your normal workout regimen. Always a bonus!

See if your current gym at home has a location in the city where you will be traveling to. If not, they might have a partnership with another gym that offers free or discounted admission.

Always take the stairs rather than the elevator. For a real workout, walk up and down the staircase at your hotel.

Get maps of the area you will be visiting and find the best safe walking paths and trails. (Hotel concierges are a great resource.)

If the weather is not satisfactory, find a mall or other large indoor place where you can walk. Malls generally open early in the morning to accommodate walkers.

Bring an exercise band with you for simple strength-training exercises you can do in your room.

A basic workout of sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, yoga and stretching can be done just about anywhere.

Try not to get off schedule. This will help you get back on your usual routine when arriving home and also to help combat jetlag.