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How to Pack for Any Adventure (Advice From an Expert)


May 10, 2022

How to Pack for Any Adventure (Advice From an Expert)


Make sure the names on the tickets match your passport. This is getting tighter and tighter every year.


Some credit cards charge high fees and ugly conversion rates for international purchases. Check with all of your credit cards to which ones are best for international travel. Rumor has it that Capital One cards and Charles Schwab cards have the lowest fees.


Make a copy of all travel documents and any personal documents you have (passport, credit cards, etc.), and leave one copy with someone at home, swap copies with a travel companion, and put one copy in your email or Google Docs. I always make a copy of the back of my credit cards as well since that is where the phone numbers are located.


Wallets are the first things to get stolen, so leave them at home and put everything in a money belt.


Flip flops are small and lightweight and can be very pleasant in a not-so-pleasant hotel bathroom. Also bring newspaper plastic bags to store shoes in case they get muddy.


Take a picture of everything you have packed. If something is stolen, you have a record for your travel insurance.


Use a packing cube or envelope to make all your clothing smaller, more organized, and less wrinkled. I used to ignore this piece of advice, but I am sold on them now. If you are afraid of things getting stolen out of your luggage, check out PacSafe bags.


Morino wool shirts are very comfortable and dry quickly. Jeans do not dry quickly and are heavy. Sarongs are great at the beach and also as a shawl. Bring a clothes line, sink stopper, and detergent and cut your clothing in half.


Large quantities of beauty products (make-up and electronics), too many clothes, things you can buy along the trip, multiple guide books, jewelry, and valuables.