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The No-Headache Way to Get an Expedited Passport


May 7, 2022

The No-Headache Way to Get an Expedited Passport

Today anyone can apply for an expedited passport. Anyone wishing to speed up the application process can use the State Departments Expedition service or hire an agency to assist them. For those people who are suddenly required to go overseas, a rush passport is a necessity.

Forms: If you have a valid passport and need to update it because of a name change, form DS-82 is required if the passport is more than one year old. It your passport of less than one year, then you will need form DS-5504.

Form DS-11 is needed for all passport applications. People who need visa pages must have form DS-4085 filled out. All these forms are available online. It is recommended that you fill them out online then print to avoid delays caused by illegible handwriting. Do not sign any of these forms.

Documentation: Passport documentation is required when you apply for any passport or changes. Birth certificates, photo identification and marriage or divorce papers are required. Individuals who are traveling abroad for employment reasons should include employee identification paperwork. Check the requirements online or with your passport agency before you arrive for your appointment to ensure you have everything.

Application Interview: Not everyone applying for an expedited passport needs an interview. Name changes, misspelled names or visa renewal applications do not require a personal appearance. These changes can be done by mail.

Fees: Private agencies are available to assist people with rush passport applications. In addition, the State Department has expediting services available for $60, but shipping charges are not included. Adult passports are $120 and children’s are $95. Private agencies charge $50 to $300 for their services.

Denial: Delinquent taxes and child support are two reasons applications are denied. Forms that are not filled out correctly, or printed on a printer that was smudging everything, will also result in a denial. Checking with the State Department before you apply can prevent the loss of your application fees, as all are non-refundable.

Consider your needs before choosing which way is best for your expedited passport.