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The Internet is the Source For Passport Services


Apr 17, 2022

The Internet is the Source For Passport Services

An individual no longer has to go to a government passport agency in order to receive passport services. They are now available online and enable someone to obtain an initial passport, renew a passport, or have additional pages added to an existing passport. Traditionally, people needed to go to a passport agency wait up to eight weeks for processing of these items. This seems like a rather long time to wait in this age of immediate delivery of information.

There are online companies that deliver these passport services in a fraction of the time that it took when using the traditional methods. These companies issue new passports, provide renewals, and allow the passport holder to update name and contact information in an efficient manner. They provide these services within the period selected by the individual, making for a very customer-friendly experience.

These processing companies charge a fee for these services and the amount varies depending on service chosen and processing time desired. Each company may charge different amounts, so some comparison-shopping is recommended. However, read the fine print on the Web sites to make sure that the company selected appears reputable.

The forms and instructions relevant to the desired service are posted on these Web sites. It is advisable that the applicant prints the forms and then follows the online instructions to make sure that everything is done properly. Most companies will provide a dedicated customer service representative to assist with any questions or concerns. This is helpful for those applicants unfamiliar with the passport process.

The customer service team will also assist throughout the processing of the desired passport service. They work directly with the government to expedite the processing of paperwork. They have years of experience working with this government agency and remain updated on the progress of the paperwork. Customers benefit from this relationship without having to get involved themselves.

The only obligations on the part of the applicant are to properly complete the required forms and provide copies of necessary identification. A certified birth certificate is one of the acceptable forms of documentation that prove citizenship. The applicant should order this document from a city, county, or state government in advance if it is not already on-hand. A driver’s license or government ID card will provide proof of identity. There are also secondary forms of identification that are acceptable if the applicant does not have one of the primary forms. The lists of acceptable information are available on the processing company and government Web sites.

The package containing copies of identification, completed forms, and passport photos should be sent to the processing company via mail. Using a private carrier service like FedEx or UPS is recommended because they allow tracking of the package. When sending information as highly sensitive as this, it is important to verify that it arrived safely at its destination.