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The Dangers of Forged Passports


Dec 4, 2020

The Dangers of Forged Passports

A recent news headline from Friday, June 11th, 2010, told of Israeli diplomats being rejected from foreign embassies due to the use of a passport that was forged. This forged document was used by an Israeli agent whose mission was to assassinate Mahmoud el Mabhouh. This mission was accomplished in Dubai.

The Irish government asked that Israel “withdraw a designated member of its staff” from the Israeli embassy in Ireland, making it the third country to ask an Israeli diplomat to withdraw from the country. The others who also took this action were Britain and Australia. The details are as follows. The Israeli secret police, Mossad, used forged passports to gain entry into Dubai which were traced back to Israel. Forged British and Australian passport were also used which is why Britain and Australia felt the need to expel the diplomats from their country. Israel justified the assassination of Mabhouh by stating that was responsible for smuggling weapons from Iran to the Gaza Strip.

Forged passports and the identity theft that accompany this crime is a growing problem not only in the United States but in countries all over the world. It is vital that not only the United States but that all countries enact stronger controls to reduce and hopefully eliminate this problem all together. The theft or forgery of a passport can lead to fraudulent bank accounts, identity theft and perhaps even facilitate the unanimous theft and transportation of weapons from one country to another. There can also be more dangerous reasons as illustrated above.

While it is hard to believe that freedom of information can lead to this, an internet search of the phrase “forged passport” will provide websites offering fraudulent means of identification of all kinds including passports. This is also a tool used by minors seeing a false ID. While thought to be fool proof, thieves have been able to duplicate the RFID chip within a passport to be duplicated.

Stolen passports have put the rights they provide into the hands of thieves and those whose intent it is to cause financial and even bodily harm to law abiding citizens. If your passport is missing and you suspect it may have been stolen, immediately contact a passport agency and it will be voided. It is also important to contact a law enforcement agency to report the crime and all the details surrounding it. Be sure to inform the police when you are certain you had it last and where it was used.

Passports are a wonderful tool when used to promote world peace and understanding by the availability of international travel but when they are forged and used to perpetrate terrible crimes, the exact opposite occurs.

Violence and hate are spread abroad rather than understanding and a sense of community. When you need to purchase a passport, be certain you are dealing with a reputable company whether online or off. It can be hard to spot an imitator so do your homework and double check to be sure your information does not end up in the wrong hands. You do not want to be a victim of passport fraud so be sure to keep your passport in a place where you can be certain it won’t be stolen or lost. This is important especially when you are traveling. Be smart, be safe and you can be trouble free.