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Five Simple Rules to Find Cheap Airfare


Dec 7, 2020

Five Simple Rules to Find Cheap Airfare

Everyone is looking for cheap airfare and great deals for summer vacation, whether it is to visit family, friends, to relax or have an adventure. Here are 5 tips to find cheap airfare this summer.

1. Fly during the low season. For example, Costa Rica’s high season is generally between November and April, and again in July and August. Many young tourists fly in July and August after the school year is over, and the more experienced travellers visit during the high season, which is Costa Rica’s summer. Ticket prices to Costa Rica drop significantly in May and June, and again in September and October.

2. Don’t fly on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Believe it or not, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are actually the cheapest days of the week to fly on. Those who need to take time off of work for their vacation do so on a Friday, and usually leave and return on the weekends. Hardly anyone takes time off in the middle of the week! If you can manage it, book your ticket for a Tuesday or Wednesday: airfare will be cheaper, there will be less people in the airport which means shorter customs lines, and you will likely have a more comfortable plane ride with less people!

3. Be flexible with your dates. Did you know that you can save up to 50% or more on your airfare simply by having flexible dates? Usually the more popular dates are more expensive, and any online booking site will give you the option to search for better deals with different dates. You can save a lot of money this way.

4. Learn to love red-eye flights. “Red eye flights” is a common term for overnight flights. If you purchase a plane ticket in which you have a long layover and that layover is overnight, your ticket will cost significantly less. You may have to sleep in the airport for a few hours; however it may be worth it for a cheaper ticket.

5. Fly from a major hub. Major airports such as JFK, LAX and MCO often have cheaper flights than smaller airports, because they have more planes going out and more seats to fill. You may end up having a layover at a larger airport anyway, so finding a cheap bus ticket to take you to the major airport might save you a few hundred dollars.