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The Best Cities on the USA’s West Coast


Sep 15, 2021

The Best Cities on the USA’s West Coast

United States Travel Tips – More Best Cities

The United States has many beautiful cities and the best way to see them all is to visit cities in one area. If you’re staying in the country for a few weeks, then concentrate on one part of the country. If you’re from another state, then just concentrate on one city for a week or so to really get a chance to see as much as possible.

The cities can be seen according to region. So if you’re in the Deep South, you’d see the historical Civil War cities. If you’re in the Mid West and on the West Coast, you’d see some of the cities founded during the gold rush years. If you’re on the Eastern Seaboard and the North you could see some of the cities that have a very long history associated with different cultures and immigration.

The West Coast

This article will focus on the best travel tips for cities on the West Coast. The West Coast was established and developed first to do with the years of the gold rush. For this reason, the West Coast of the United States has a very old history associated with the days of cowboys and sheriffs.


Going down the coast, Seattle is one of the most northern metropolises in the United States. It is very close to the border of Canada in Washington state.

There are many things to see and do in Seattle. Some of the biggest is the annual Seattle International Film Festival, Northwest Folklife Festival, hydroplane races and many other festivals. The city is also host to religious festivals from many different indigenous and international cultures.

Seattle has a vast array of museums, libraries, sights and parks as well as a zoo and an aquarium. Seattle is also a gateway to Alaska and the North Pacific.

San Francisco

Famous for it’s Gold Rush origins, San Francisco is one of the world’s largest cities and most famous. The landmark Golden Gate Bridge, the skyline of the city and the entire Golden Bay area are unforgettable memories of any visit to the metropolis. San Francisco has a very diverse population of international descent. Because it is located on the Pacific Coast, the city is also one third of Asian descent. For this reason San Francisco is one of the best cities in the United States when it comes to good food. Food from any different culture or nationality can be found relatively easily.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is perhaps even more famous than San Francisco when it comes to being in the category of the best cities in the United States. Not only is Los Angeles home to Hollywood and the movie studios of the United States, but it is also very famous for its music scene, live concerts, beaches, festivals and celebrity lifestyles. All the most rich and glamorous celebrities live in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has a lot of history dating all the way back to the Spanish colonies and is worth mentioning in any list of the best cities in the United States.