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Passport For Children – Does Your Infant Need A Passport?


Sep 18, 2021

Passport For Children – Does Your Infant Need A Passport?

Having the right information to get a passport for a child is essential since there are many steps that have to be completed. However, the information available online is not always kept up to date and sometimes can be just plain wrong.

Are you and your family traveling internationally soon? Well, then you will indeed have to apply for child passports for your kids that are under the age of 16.

While gathering the correct information on how to apply for an infant, start to make a list so as you complete each step, you can then check it off the list. Follow along for a list of requirements that need to be finished before going to an acceptance agent.

Parental or guardian consent

– If both parents are available then the child needs to be accompanied by the parents at the same time.

– When there is only one parent that can appear in person with the infant then the other parent needs to complete, sign and notarize a Statement of Consent form.

– In the event that the other parent has been declared legally incompetent, you will need to show the court order that gives you sole legal custody.

– If the other parent has passed away then you will need to obtain a death certificate to submit.

– In cases such as adoption, it is acceptable if there is only one legal guardian. You will have to submit an official adoption decree with your name listed as the sole guardian.

– Use the DS-3053 form if none of the above apply to your situation.

– When there is a third party traveling with a child, the parents will need to provide a notarized letter giving permission to apply for an infant passport.

Required documents for proof of ID

– Make a copy of your driver’s license or passport to show proof of your citizenship.

– The child’s original birth certificate with the name of the parents or an adoption decree with the name of the guardian needs to be submitted to show proof of legal custody.

– If your child was born abroad, then submit a certificate of birth abroad or use the FS-240 form if a certificate is not available.

– If you are the guardian because of a court order then submit the paperwork showing that you have legal custody.

Luckily, at this point you are now passed the most stressful part of the process of obtaining a child passport. From here, download a DS-11 application form to complete and sign. You also can use the online application at the US Department of State travel website.

While you are at the post office to see the acceptance agent, your child can get the required passport-style photographs there. The acceptance agent will look over all the required documents and then witness the parent or guardian sign the DS-11 application.