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Tahiti – Water Bound Paradise


May 17, 2022

Tahiti – Water Bound Paradise

Tahiti has earned the reputation of being one of the most beautiful island paradises on the face of the earth. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, its beauty is seen both under the water and on land can boast that it is one of the most sought vacation locations in the world. But traveling to Tahiti requires a passport so if you are in need of expedited passport renewal services, simply go to your computer and locate one of the secure, efficient passport renewal websites.

Tahiti is located in a group of islands called French Polynesia and is, in fact, the largest of this particular group. French is the main language spoken in Tahiti but many of the native residents speak in the Tahitian dialect. With plenty of nonstop flights from California and Hawaii available, getting to Tahiti is easy but if you are the owner of a lost US passport, be sure to report it immediately and get a new one as a passport is required for travel to Tahiti. There are no other visas, vaccinations or certifications required but it is imperative that you have a passport.

As you would imagine, this island paradise holds great adventure for the person who enjoys snorkeling and scuba diving. St. Etienne Drop-Off, Tetopa Grotto and Papa Whisky are three of the most popular diving locations found here. Scuba diving enthusiast travel from all over the world to enjoy the shipwrecks and caves in this underwater paradise. The beautiful black sand beaches are a result of historic volcanic activity as the main island is actually made of two volcanic mountains. Hiking in the mountains of Tahiti is a wonderful way to get a personal look at the beauty that exists in the natural landscape on this island with winding mountain paths just waiting to be explored.

Some activities that are uniquely Tahitian include shark feeding, living in cottages build over the water and going on a treasure hunt for the illusive Tahitian pearl. If you are a real adventure junkie, you may want to enjoy wading into four to seven feet of crystal blue water and assist a trainer feed the sharks that swim right by you. Staying in one of their over-water cottages provides a unique look at sea life both day and night. Many of these cottages have a glass floor through which colorful salt water fish can be clearly seen in the crystal clear water below. You may have heard of the beautiful Tahitian black pearls but the truth is there are pearls of various colors waiting to be found on the beautiful beaches and, of course, don’t forget to visit mysterious Easter Island.

The Tahitian culture is rich and mysterious but saturated with their famous otea dance. This traditional Tahitian entertainment involves the use of grass skirts and a lot of hip action closely resembling the Hawaiian hula. The difference is that the Tahitian otea is done at a much faster pace and movement is almost entirely focused on the hips. Woodwork, woven pieces and quilts are some of the most sought after Tahitian crafts and can be found in many of the vacationers’ suitcases when they arrive back home.