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Replacing A Lost Passport


Apr 26, 2022

Replacing A Lost Passport

Discovering that you do not have your travel documents and you are due to travel out of the country is one of the most stressing situations you can encounter. Nevertheless, there is a replacement for lost passports, based on the emergency. It is now simpler replacing lost passport unlike in the past. One needs to take into consideration some important aspects in order to know what to do.

Canceling Documents

One has to report of the lost documents immediately when you realize that they are missing. Make sure that they are missing and not misplaced within your belongings before you report for cancellation. The cancellation enables no other person to use your travel documents in any state.


Nevertheless, if you have misplaced all your documents, it may prove very difficult proving to the authorities that you are the person you say you are. This is because you have nothing to support your identity. For this reason, one is always advised to have duplicates of all the identification documents due to such unforeseen cases to make replacement an easy process.

Travel Time

If you are due to travel in less than two weeks time, you will be required to attain another travel document as fast as possible. Thus, you need to use the services of a private passport expediting company to assist you. These private companies are the best and most efficient for someone who needs the passport quickly. In addition, you will have the assistance of a professional that will assist you in all the requirements and steps.


Another thing you need to note is the cost. Replacements are generally more costly as compared to getting a new one. Because of this, ensure that you are capable of replacing, to avoid suffering financially. Also, ensure that the trip is of utmost importance before going for the replacement process because you can always postpone it in order to give yourself time to seek another one at minimal costs.

Expediting Services

Should you happen to have plenty of time before you go on your trip, the best way to get the new document is by going to the embassy and being patient for a two-week period to allow for processing to take place since expediting company’s services are more costly. Nevertheless, if you have the required financial capability and at the same time, the trip is very important then the private companies will suite you.

Minor Documents

In case your travel documents had your child’s included, the replacement will not cater for the child’s case. This is because even the under age children are required to own their own travel permits as stipulated by the law. Having this in mind will help you know the steps to take if you are traveling with your child.