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Morocco – What To See And Do In This Vibrant Country


Feb 12, 2021

Morocco – What To See And Do In This Vibrant Country

Sometimes, choosing a destination to travel to on vacation can be difficult because sometimes traveling to super touristy places isn’t the sort of vacation you’re looking for. Places clogged with tourists isn’t very relaxing at all. If you’re looking for a place where you can still experience natural beauty, colorful cities, and all the other benefits of a vacation destination without the tourists, look into traveling to Morocco. However, remember that you will need to have a passport if you want to travel, and if you have one, make sure it’s not damaged or lost. If it is, go online for expedited passport services.

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Within Morocco, there are lots of officially declared World Heritage Sites. Sites get this special distinction from UNESCO for having invaluable cultural, historical, or natural significance on our planet, and this means they are great places to visit.

A majority of Morocco’s World Heritage Sites are either archaeological or historical sites. A very famous one is Valubilis. This site was a crucial town in Roman times. You could spend a very long time exploring the ruins of Valubilis, as there is a whole city worth of them. Two interesting buildings on this site to se are the Basilica and the Capitol. The Basilica still has a center aisle running down the middle, and the Capitol has retained many of its original columns. There are also a variety of mosaics around the site showing various episodes in Classical Roman Mythology, including the goddess of the moon, Diana.

Another World Heritage Site located in Morocco is the historic city of Meknes, and much like Valubilis, it has an extensive history. However, unlike Valubilis, this city is still inhabited. Dar El Makhzen palace is one of it’s most extraordinry sights. Moulay Ismail was a Moroccan ruler for 60 years in the 17th and 18th century, and Dar El Makhzen was his residence. Bab Mansour gate is another cool spot to visit, and it has a very interesting background. El-Mansour contstructed this gate under the reign of Moulay Ismail. The beautiful columns were actually authentic ones from Valubilis, and it was decorated with mosaics. Upon completion, Ismail asked El-Mansur if he could do better. El-Mansur was executed for replying, “Yes.”