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All Packed and Ready for Summer Road Travels


Feb 17, 2021

All Packed and Ready for Summer Road Travels

You want your summer road trip to be a blast and exhaust all efforts to keep it that way. Wait a second to look at the travel tips below.

It is after all summer so be sure the car does not still have winter ones on. Inspect the tire pressure because as you know tire pressure sheds off around one pound of air pressure per month. Correct tire inflation is a must if tread separation and blowouts are to be avoided since ideal contact between road and tires is maintained.

Fluids need to be monitored. See if the oil needs changing. Owner manuals are provided by car makers so you have a guide when it comes to recommended oil and more. While the hood is up, check the coolant/antifreeze mixture inside your vehicle’s radiator. Cold and hot weather temperature is regulated right if the ideal coolant to water ratio of 50 to 50 is maintained.

Inspect what is left of the car. Do not go without having all the belts and hoses of the car checked first. A wiper blade often does not last longer than a year so if yours is past this mark and is working poorly toss it out and replace it. Finally, check the battery and if yours is more than 3 years old, have it tested at a certified automotive repair facility.

Your car should be equipped with an emergency kit. Use the cargo area to store flashlights as well as first aid kits and flares plus jumper cables and a blanket to keep clothes clean in case a tire has to be changed. Take with you extra pairs of gloves and paper towels along with some water and washer fluid plus non perishable foods but do not forget to bring tools such as screwdrivers and pliers especially wrenches.

Road trips usually turn into a packing free for alls where people do not stop with the luggage and just continue stuffing the automobile with coolers or pillows. Limit items to bring to just the essentials. The hotel will take care of your shampoo needs so no need to bring extra. You are going to a hotel not the woods so there will be washers and dryers there for doing laundry which means bringing 10 pairs of shorts is not required.

If items you brought along keep blocking your vision then you are going to be in trouble so pack smartly. It will be easier to lift the heaviest pieces if they are placed at the center of an SUV or pickup but for the other vehicle contents even them all around the vehicle.

Driving while feeling dopey is a top cause of road mishaps. Get as much sleep as you can to avoid dozing off while driving on the day of the trip. There is a downtime to the short term buzz created by caffeine in coffee so be ready for it. When possible switch drivers and pull over frequently. The small bladder is indirectly responsible for the dip in road fatigue risks because it forces a person to frequently stop to urinate.

The hours driving for miles and miles on highways plus the unruly kids behind your seat and the exhaustion all make for the perfect road rage recipe. Shake off the anger. Do not be a road hog and instead let drivers in a hurry pass you and always use signals. If we all can just learn to get along, the road can be an awfully fun place to spend time on. Have an unforgettable road trip summer adventure by keeping all these tips for traveling in mind.