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India – A Spiritual People, A Spiritual Land


Jun 3, 2022

India – A Spiritual People, A Spiritual Land

When you arrive in India, you are greeted by a country rich in culture. You may not realize how many aspects of our lives are influences by Indian food, music and religion. When preparing to travel to India, you may have a few more preparations to make including vaccinations and other requirements but when traveling to any foreign country, passports are required.

Do you love animals? Certainly most of us do and the animal lover in you will be shocked to see the vast number of wild animals living in the wild within the borders of India. Elephants will be found roaming wild in the Himalayan region. Even the exotic Royal Bengal Tiger makes it home in India as well as hundreds of varieties of birds.

When you think of India, you most certainly think of its people been deeply religious. Those who visit this majestic country are encouraged to look deep within and connect with their spiritual self. This is encouraged by much of the Indian architecture and landmarks inspired by the deeply held belief of the Indian people that one’s spiritual self is the most important part of life. When under the influence of a people with such deeply held beliefs, the visitor can’t help but be inspired.

You have certainly heard of the seven wonders of the world and one of them can be found in India. The Taj Mahal was build by Shah Jahan in 1653 as a dedication to his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. This structure is actually a mausoleum and is a site you simple can not miss.

The deep spiritual roots of India have inspired numerous festivals that occur year round in several of its cities. There is no cost to experience these celebrations and they give the traveler a rare glimpse into the souls of the Indian People. In Diwali, a five day event honors the Indian New Year and Holi is the site of the celebration of good overcoming evil. Dancing and the enjoyment of many Indian delights continue all day creating an occasion filled with excitement and happiness.

International travel requires a passport but one is easily obtained online. Don’t forget the vaccinations necessary when traveling to India as well as other paperwork that may be required. Always keep your passport in a safe place but stolen passport replacements can be obtained easily at the convenience of your own computer.