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3 Family Activities To Do Before High School Graduation


May 10, 2022

Your baby has grown up and will walk across the graduation stage soon. Your teen probably can’t wait for the occasion, a moment signifying the end of childhood and the beginning of independence. On the other hand, you may want time to stop for a bit. It’s moving too fast. Before the official ceremony, you can try to squeeze in a few personal and significant activities. These are three you don’t want to pass up.

1. Get the Family Picture

You snapped as many photos as possible in the first few years, and you probably booked some serious family picture sessions. As your crew gets older, those images spread apart even more. Make time now to snag one more. It’s more challenging once they’re in college or out on their own! Locate a professional in family portrait photography Erie PA to enjoy one more lasting picture of you all.

2. Take A Weekend Trip

Plan a family vacation to somewhere you all loved or have wanted to go! This year is a time to celebrate and capture some memorable moments. Do it together in a place that means something to you all. Camp at your favorite grounds. Hit up the local theme park, or travel to a beach destination.

3. Books Cooking Lessons

It’s college or move-out time, and you don’t want them pulling out the cereal box three times a day. If you haven’t started giving cooking lessons yet, start now. Set aside some time at home to run through the basics. If you want to rev it up, find cooking classes in the area and take them together. This option gives you additional memories and gives your kiddo a cooking background.

Don’t let this year pass by without using every minute. Cherish every hug and activity. Kids grow up quickly.