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Holidays Without Flying


Mar 31, 2022

Holidays Without Flying

Come fly with me, it used to be so glamorous, the thrill and exclusivity of getting on a plane to some exotic and far-flung destination, but somehow the dream has soured and the extraordinary has become not only mundane but tedious, surely there must be some way to recapture the freedom and ease of travelling? Perhaps a rethink on the modes of transport is in order as this new century gets under way.

It’s a sad reflection on ourselves that what should be an easy, fun and above all relaxing attempt at what should be a holiday isn’t that at all. The fates have conspired to make getting the airport, checking in, having your belt removed, shoes inspected and body scanned, for whatever reason, just plane annoying.

Woe betide the family that thinks a trip to foreign climes on a plane is going to be plane sailing, they will be sadly disabused of that idea as they join the queue with their identity documents in one hand and their liquids in a clear bag in the other.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, there might be a huge dust cloud on the horizon but there are alternate ways to travel, boat, road, even by foot – but that’s not going to get you very far.

You could do a lot worse than loading yourself and your loved ones up in a motorhome and striking out for pastures new, become the master of your destiny and see what the open road has in store.

Weather permitting there are thousands of campsites to visit and possibly hundreds of thousands of things to see that you’d otherwise fly straight past.

There are many things to see without flying, which after all has only been around for a few years, before that we managed to get around very well without a plane.