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Getting an Expedited New Passport


Jun 7, 2022

Getting an Expedited New Passport

When presented with the opportunity to travel to a foreign country, paper work is the last thing that should get in the way of your trip. If there is little time to prepare, getting an expedited new passport might become the first step in preparing for the trip. It is important to understand what travel documents are needed for the trip and how long it normally takes to obtain them.

The process of getting your first passport is not difficult if the person takes the time to study what is required of them. There is an official application that is submitted to the proper governmental agency, along with required supporting documents and payment of a fee. These documents include proof of citizenship, some sort of personal identification to prove a match of applicant name and other identifying information, and a copy of that same personal identification. In addition, two color photos are required. For specific details of what are considered acceptable supporting documents, check the issuing agency’s website.

If a short window of time exists in which to complete the application process, there are ways to accelerate acquisition of the passport. There are private companies that are in business for this very reason. They will assist in walking the paperwork through to completion. There is also the option of paying a higher fee to the issuing agency in order to obtain priority in getting through the process.

If this will be the first passport issued for an individual, the application must be submitted in person. This can be accomplished at an Acceptance Facility located in a local government agency office or post office, or at a Passport Agency office, if there is one nearby. However, if there is limited time before departure on the trip, requiring the passport faster than normal procedures will allow, the traveler must obtain an appointment with a representative at a Regional Passport Agency. The application and supporting documentation would be delivered at this appointment, along with the request for completion to meet travel schedules.

Another option is to hire one of the many private companies that are in business for the purpose of assisting travelers to obtain needed travel documents. The process may be different in this situation, but the application and other document requirements are the same. In essence what the traveler is doing is hiring an agent to work with the government agency to speed the completion of the application. However, even in this scenario, the application process must still begin with the applicant presenting himself at an Acceptance Facility to initiate the application.

These companies are in business to provide a service to travelers by shortening the time to get documents. They charge for these services and the more urgent the need, the higher the fee. Some promise they can get a passport application through the process in less than two weeks and even as little as one day. If the requirement is speed, one of these companies might be the right solution.

If you have determined that a private company can best meet your needs, then selecting the right one is the next step. Since time is in short supply, it is important to evaluate the history and reputation of the company to ensure that it is the best one for your circumstance. Another factor might be the cost of using the company, as fees do vary from one to the next. There is generally a range of fees that are dependent on your time frame. The less time you have the higher the fee.